Eurolimo Amsterdam offers

  • An exclusive touch to your party or event
  • Valet parking
  • Professional parking support
  • Courteous hostesses
  • Drive-me-home service
  • Vehicle transport
  • Additional customized services on request


To know more about our event enhancement services, please call us or fill in the contact form. You will receive a quotation or reply within one working day.

Event enhancement

The warmth with which you receive your guests, has a great impact on their overall experience of the visit. Valet parking adds an exclusive touch to your party or event. Also, how the guests are ushered towards their parking location and later to the event location, has an impact on how your event is perceived.

Eurolimo provides you with experienced parking attendants and chauffeurs for valet parking. We also provide courteous hostesses that guarantee a professional and pleasant first impression. On request, we can provide an additional service to take your guests and their vehicles home, after an event.

Eurolimo provides customized solutions for your events. Feel free to discuss additional needs and service requirements.



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