VIP transport

Do you receive guests for whom good is not good enough? Such as an important business contact, an artist or a speaker at an event? Eurolimo offers VIP transport of the highest quality.

Your guest is received by a well dressed and polite chauffeur, who is familiar with transporting VIPs. You are assured of a perfect first impression. Your VIP guest will get top class service and a top of the line vehicle, such as the latest Mercedes S-class. It goes without saying, that the privacy of y ...

Private & executive chauffeur

Do you want to make good use of your travel time for reading, making relaxed phone calls or to just sit back and unwind during a busy road show? Then let a Eurolimo chauffeur drive you. We can provide you with a private chauffeur, either or not for your own car.

Our chauffeurs have extensive knowledge of the routes and are used to driving a wide range of vehicles. They have received training in driving style, so that you are assured a relaxed and pleasant journey. You and your car will ...

Event enhancement

The warmth with which you receive your guests, has a great impact on their overall experience of the visit. Valet parking adds an exclusive touch to your party or event. Also, how the guests are ushered towards their parking location and later to the event location, has an impact on how your event is perceived.

Eurolimo provides you with experienced parking attendants and chauffeurs for valet parking. We also provide courteous hostesses that guarantee a professional and pleasant first ...

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